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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we'll have more coming up. >> more rain to come coming up. >> a high wind advisory towards the bay bridge and we are starting to see delays. we'll look at the morning commute coming up. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 20. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. some developing news in the east bay this morning. many people in pittsburg are waking up to a big sinkhole. >> all thanks to a big pipe burst overnight that caused a mess and residents likely won't be getting their morning shower at least in that neighborhood. cbs 5's cate caugiran is in pittsburg to explain what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. i spoke with the utility worker just a few moments ago who attributes this to normal wear and tear but again it's not going to be a normal morning for people here in the pittsburg neighborhood. you can take a look. utility workers have been here trying to get a handle on the situation. we're told a water main break caused this four-foot sinkhole. the workers tell me they got the call around midnight and were able to shut off the water
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about an hour and a half later. and then workers told me it was an old pipe about 6" pipe and again normal wear and tear but it will be affecting this neighborhood, about 10 to 50 homes between york and cutter streets and they are not sure when they will be able to restore water to the area. but what they are doing right now is they are trying to drain that sinkhole. basically they vacuumed down in there trying to drain all the water. they say it's tricky because they have to get in at an angle. once they drain the water there, they say that they are going to cut off that section of old pipe and try to replace it. back out live, you can see there's a lot of work that needs to be done the workers have been here since midnight trying to contain this area but again, they were able to isolate it to just this block. if you are in the area, 10 to 15 homes between york and cutter streets have no water. but we'll get more updates and a timeline when they can contain this later on
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throughout the morning. live in pittsburg, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. screws in redwood city are trying to repair -- crews in. >> reporter: are trying to repair a water main break that happened around 3 a.m. near brewster and warren street. that intersection will be closed to traffic for much of the morning. nearby garages were flooded but the leak is capped. some people in the area are still without water for at least five more hours. and at this hour, hundreds of workers are starting a one- day strike at the port of oakland. just a couple of minutes ago chopper 5 captured these pictures over the port. they are out in force as you can see a number of picketers that are beginning to congregate there at the port of oakland. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at the port this morning where they are setting up picket lines. >> reporter: there are two picket lines this morning. one at the airport the other here at the port. you can see quite a few people out here holding up their signs. they have been chanting. we're expecting hundreds more
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to come throughout the morning. but look at these truck drivers. they are trying to get into the port to take care of their daily business. but they cannot get through because of the strikers. so it appears that they are affecting operations this morning. their goal is to shut down the port for the day. hundreds of workers and supporters have been shuttling into the port for a one-day strike. there are two picket lines, one at the port another at the airport that actually launched last night. most of these are under the same management. some airport workers represented by the service employees international union started striking last night heading up a picket line outside of terminal one. they will also hold a rally today at noon. more than 200seiu workers have been without a contract for 16 months. the port wants to cut their wages and benefits. a union rep says the port is also withholding financial information that's important to bargaining. he says they are upset with how port executives have been spending money. one of the directors just
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resigned following allegations public money was used at a strip club. >> it's the last four or five years our people have been taking furlough days, asked to take other types of cuts at the same time as these people are just arrogantly out spending fraudulently the port's money that should be on our table. this should be feeding our children and keeping us in our houses. so absolutely you can imagine the frustration of the workers to see and hear that that's taking place at a time when saying they are broke and have no money. >> reporter: workers have also displayed an inflatable rat which is a symbol of labor protest. the union rep i spoke to says if they don't get this time, they will be back out here again and again until it happens. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. in about an hour nurses also plan to go on strike at ten bay area hospitals. the walkout is planned for two days at eight sutter hospitals
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and for today only at two san jose hospitals run by hospital corporation of america. replacement nurses have been hired for five days. it will be the second nurses strike here in the bay area this month. key issues including staffing levels and sick leave are on the table. egyptian president mohamed morsi says israel's aggression against gaza will end today. this is a live look right now at gaza city. it's a bit quiet right now. egypt is where talks have been going on in hopes finding a diplomatic solution to the week- long conflict between israel and hamas militants in gaza. it's now been about a week since israel began air strikes on the gaza strip. at least 113 palestinians have been reported killed in gaza. nearly half civilians. the death toll in israel is only 3. susan mcginnis has more on the continuing violence. reporter: mosques in gaza issued the call for morning prayers today even as bombs and missiles rained down around them. the israeli military says it hit about 100 terror sites
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overnight, including the islamic national bank in gaza city that israel says it used to fund terror operations. hamas militants have launched more than 1,000 rockets into israel during this week-long battle. palestinian officials say 38 more people were killed monday including women and children. israel says it's time to minimize civilian casualties. >> the problem is the terrorists are hiding these rocket launchers deep inside civilian areas in mosques and schools and people's homes, firing them at our civilians. it's very hard to get to this equipment, but it's necessary. >> reporter: president obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to israel to help with cease-fire negotiations. she will arrive today and meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tomorrow. >> our bottom line is that a peaceful outcome has to include an end to rocket fire that threatens israel. >> reporter: the political leader of hamas told reporters in cairo hamas will not stop launching rockets until israel
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stops its bombing campaign and ends the blockade of gaza. he also said israel is bluffing and won't send troops into gaza. israeli officials say that's no bluff. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. a palestinian rocket hit near jerusalem today landing harmlessly in an open area but it's one of the longest rocket strikes fired from gaza in the week of fighting. jerusalem is one of secretary clinton's planned stops. it is 6:07. four california men are behind bars accused of plotting to join al qaeda and kill americans. suspects range in age from 21 to 34, all arrested in l.a. they each will face 15 years in
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prison. >> it's 6:08. let's check weather. >> the rain is coming. >> we have the holidays around the corner now. we want to clear things out. i think we'll do that. but right now we are seeing showers outside. hi-def doppler showing most of that moisture located in the north bay. we have had about a third of an inch in the santa rosa area already more than that over some of the mountaintops. but some of it spreading south a couple of sprinkles along the peninsula so watch out for that. most of the activity so far located to the north and most of it just some warm frontal moisture. the cold front still hung up to the north has a ways to go before it gets here bringing more substantial rainfall. you can see though the cold front located here in northern california will drop into the bay area but keep that umbrella handy today. you may need it and probably by the afternoon more so especially in the north bay. outside though, mostly cloudy skies and it is a bit mild to begin with. 58 degrees in oakland. 59 degrees in san francisco. and 55 in san jose. more on that holiday forecast coming up but right now let's check the slick roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thank you, lawrence. if you typically ride caltrain
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in the morning, it's not sounding good. we just got a tweet actually from caltrain that there are likely delays. first reports that northbound train 103 struck someone near charleston avenue. that is in palo alto. so again, the exact impact of service is unclear. but when something like this happens, we often see delays. again, that's first reports northbound train 103 struck someone near charleston avenue in palo alto. all other mass transit on time. elsewhere, to our roadways. we are watching a couple of different accidents. eastbound 4 port chicago highway, one lane blocked there. in the commute direction westbound 4 slow through antioch. you can see windy out there as well shaking our camera a bit, 880 in oakland. southbound 880 at high street an accident, injury crash, cleared to the right shoulder. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. fire investigators say a fire that burned a vallejo home on monday night is suspicious. the house on tennessee street is the same home where a
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vallejo police officer was shot and killed as he served a warrant in april of 2000. firefighters kept the flames contained to just the garage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a manhunt is on in san jose for a suspect police say was involved in a crime spree that included a fatal shooting. it began on friday night with four armed robberies. one of the suspects appears in that surveillance photo you saw. the crime also included a carjacking that left a young man dead and a shootout that injured an officer. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who clearly have no regard for human life. >> the murder victim rory parkpettiford had just bought a bmw that morning. police say the suspects were trying to steal it. parkpettiford was 22 years old and an aspiring hip-hop singer. his father is now urging the suspect on the run to turn himself in. >> 6:11. today city supervisors in san francisco will vote on an ordinance to ban nudity in most public places in the city.
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it would apply to anyone over the age of 5. but there would be exceptions for participants of street fairs and parades that have nudity permits. supervisor scott weiner authored the ordinance and has the support of mayor ed lee, as well. >> i think the right balance is being struck by supervisor weiner's legislation which i intend to support. >> the mayor notes that nudity is still allowed in some controlled settings, also violations will be a citation and not a misdemeanor. time now 6:11. a divorced woman lets her emotions run wild. the colorful message she left behind at a courthouse. >> and the judge is not all that happy about that. >> and a scare for california movie-goers. gunshots ring out in the new "twilight" movie. why nobody was arrested. we'll explain. >> and twinkie talks. the last-ditch effort to save your favorite hostess snack.
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if you ride caltrain we got off the folks there, major delays. this happened 15 minutes ago. someone was killed on the northbound train 103 on the tracks in palo alto. trains are stopped this morning in both directions in that area. we have learned they set up a bus bridge between san antonio and palo alto. but they are expecting major delays in both directions. all other mass transit is on time. >> to the roads now, we are also watching a couple of different accidents including in one that was just cleared to the median, eastbound 4 at port chicago highway in the commute direction delays from antioch all the way towards the concord area this morning.
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so we know a lot of people may be heading out of town for the holidays. southbound 101 looks like we lost that shot, if you are heading towards sfo, but i can tell you it looks good this morning if you are heading out 101 towards the airport. also, pretty quiet this morning on southbound 880. if you are heading towards oakland airport there was an injury crash approaching high street that's now out of lanes and the delays have resolved themselves. so it looks good right now coming through the macarthur maze and all the way down past the airport into hayward. northbound 880 is fine, as well. so bart might be a good option heading towards airports and there will be longer trains starting tomorrow and as well for all the holiday shoppers on friday and then for all the travelers returning home on sunday. so bart is trying to accommodate all those air travelers and holiday shoppers. let's check the bay bridge. they just turned on the metering lights and we are seeing delays behind that first overcrossing. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." pretty gusty. in fact, we have a high wind advisory in effect at the bay bridge. >> speaking of delays,
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elizabeth, we have delays now at sfo almost 3 hours. that's right, folks. so be prepared for that if you are expecting anyone in or heading out. looks like high-def doppler radar showing we have some rainfall this morning. most of that is just some lighter stuff but continues to fall on and off especially in the north bay. mist and sprinkles elsewhere but the main activity to the north. scattered showers near santa rosa, sebastopol and looks like that will continue to be the case, a very moist flow coming off the pacific. so we'll see more of that throughout the morning. then the cold front moves in throughout the day so things will be interesting for today. plenty of clouds on the way, some mild temperatures to go along with that. rain more likely especially later in the day and then overnight into tomorrow morning. the cold front still on approach. we are seeing that warm front roll into the bay area ahead of it bringing moisture today and the showers early on. but as that cold front moves in later on, that's when we'll watch the rain pick up. so carry the umbrella, will need it. these temperatures fairly mild. starting with lots of clouds in the bay area, showers early
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on in the north. then late in the day the cold front moves in by 5:00 in the afternoon. and then slowly it drags itself through the bay area overnight into early tomorrow morning. and then i think we are setting up for a busy travel day and i this the skies are going to clear out pretty nicely around the bay area. delays again sfo, two hours and 45 minutes this morning. so watch out for that. around the country though good news we clear out. 79 degrees partly cloudy in houston. 70 in denver. 57 degrees in chicago. and a cool 48 into new york. temperatures around the bay area mainly into the 60s. next couple of days after the system goes by i think tomorrow partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. we should start to dry out. thanksgiving day looks great. lots of sunshine, warmer weather, into the weekend. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. 6:18. a psychiatrist says the accused gunman in the oikos university rampage in oakland is incompetent to stand trial. that psychiatrist found that 43-year-old one goh had long- standing paranoid
6:19 am
schizophrenia and doesn't understand the criminal justice system. a second court appointed doctor will reveal his report on goh this coming january. seven people died in the shooting attack this past april. a big scare at a movie theater in sonora. people had packed into a theater to see the new "twilight" movie when a gunshot rang out. panic ensued, of course. police rushed to the scene not knowing if they were responding to a mass shooting. but then they found the gunshot was accidental and the shooter was an off-duty corrections officer. >> walk up an aisle looking for a seat inside the theater and while doing so adjusting his off duty holster. somehow the strap came undone and the firearm discharged. >> the bullet left a hole in the arm rest and the floor. nobody was injured. the gun's owner could still face charges. here's a story upset over a divorce a florida woman facing charges after police say she voiced her feelings in writing with a can of spray- paint all over a brand-new
6:20 am
courthouse. >> take a look. the woman is accused of spray- painting these broken hearts on the sidewalk and an explicit message to the judge. her estranged husband's family business was also tagged. the woman now faces criminal mischief charges. a new sign of hope that ho ho's, twinkies and wonder bread will remain part of american life. a bankruptcy judge has ordered hostess and its second largest union to go into mediation today to try to resolve their differences. it's a last-ditch effort to save the struggling company and more than 18,000 jobs. hostess has 33 plants including one in oakland. it's 6:20. stolen or fair game? the latest honor for the 49ers new santa clara stadium. >> does 9ers coach jim harbaugh have a decision on his hands? how good was alex smith as replacement in the bears game? he was pretty good. we have highlights coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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hi-def doppler busy checking out some showers around the bay area. so far fairly light but already a third of an inch of rain in santa rosa. more to come. we'll talk about it coming up. >> we have big problems this morning for caltrain. major delays. a fatal accident on the tracks has service stopped in both directions near charleston avenue in palo alto. we are just hearing a bus bridge will hopefully be set up in the next 20 minutes so we'll have much more on this plus the rest of your morning drive coming up. a san francisco football tradition is apparently getting out of town. the website sfbay says the kraft hunger college bowl game played at at&t park will move to santa clara once the 49ers stadium there is completed. neither the 49ers nor santa clara officials have confirmed that yet but they promised an announcement at a news conference this afternoon. so we'll have to see. >> a bigger stadium. a battle of division
6:25 am
leaders was one-sided at candlestick last night. the bears got thumped last night by the 9ers. alex smith not cleared to play because of the concussion in the rams game so the backup kaepernick and boom how about that in the 1st quarter? right to vernon davis. 9ers built a 20-9 lead by halftime. smith had 5.5 sacks for the 9ers. he was humongous! and the 9ers beat up chicago 7- 2 team at the time, 32-7. big win for san francisco. let's go to hawaii with the play of the day at college hoops. butler trailing marquette by two points. in the final seconds of the game, the bulldogs rodney clark sets up, time is going down and boom! he bangs it home a big three- pointer and enough for the win as butler beat the golden eagles of marquette 72-71 whole lot of hugging going on in maui after that buzzer beater right there. >> the dog pile. >> play of the day.
6:26 am
>> bulldogs. 6:26. repairs delayed in the richmond refinery fix. why chevron's choice of metal is being questioned. >> happening right now, a protest at the port. these are live pictures from chopper 5. what striking workers are hoping to achieve with this one-day strike. >> and we're live in pittsburg where workers have a handle on a water main burst that caused a four-foot sinkhole. we have an update on when neighbors can have water again.
6:27 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald rockets rain down on gaza for the 7th day. >> with drones flying overhead in gaza city here this morning and government offices nearby, this is not a place you want to stay for long. >> as the u.s. steps up its involvement in the conflict. >> president obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to israel to help the cease-fire negotiations.
6:30 am
>> we're going to stand up for our brothers in oakland. >> at the oakland airport, sciu union workers are walking the picket line. >> breaking news out of southern california. the fbi has arrested four men in an alleged terror plot. >> the gunmen tried to open the door. >> a san jose father remembers his son an innocent victim of a violent crime spree as the manhunt for the suspect intensifies. >> this makeshift memorial has grown considerably in the last couple of days. >> from across the day -- >> police suspect that the three teenagers may be connected to other burglaries all around the peninsula. >> --to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." touchdown! e is 6-- good morning. it's tuesday, november 20th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat.
6:31 am
happening now a big sinkhole shutting down a neighborhood in pittsburg. cate caugiran is in pittsburg to explain why an old pipe is likely to blame. >> the old pipe is the cause of the water main break. parts of the pipe are exposed. pittsburg public works has it under control. the next step is to replace the pipe that you see over there. now, earlier workers were using a vacuum to get rid of excess water in the sinkhole. that sinkhole was about 4 feet deep. it took utility workers an hour and a half to shut off the water. public works tells me it was an old pipe and the brakes could be attributed to normal wear and tear. >> hopefully get water restored
6:32 am
to the residents within the next couple of hours. >> reporter: 10 to 15 homes have been affected between york and cutter streets here in the pittsburg neighborhood but look back out live right now. you are, again, there's still a lot of work for these utility workers and quite a bit of mess that the water main break started and what i was told by pittsburg public works is that a new crew is on its way to relieve this crew that's been here basically since midnight working hard but again, if you are in this neighborhood between york and cutter streets, you can expect the water to be back up again within the next couple of hours. live in pittsburg, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. and in redwood city, a water main break has shut down traffic near a busy intersection there. crews are working near brewster avenue and warren streets. the leak has been capped but they are still repairing the pipes. so people in the area without water for at least a couple of more hours and we are just getting word now there's been another break four blocks away. we have a photographer on the way to check that break right now. and you're looking at some shots this is from chopper 5
6:33 am
about 30 minutes ago overhead. dozens of protestors blocking the entrance in the port of oakland this morning. workers have begun that one-day walkout. and that has a lot of truckers now turning their rigs away. >> cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at the port on the issues that led to this strike. >> reporter: good morning. the main issue is that these workers want a fire contract and they are worried -- [ signal breakup ] >> all right. so we lost elissa's signal. we are going to get back to her as soon as we can. nurses plan to picket bay area hospitals again today. it's the second time this month the walkout is planned for two days at eight sutter hospitals and for today only at two san jose hospitals run by hospital corporation of america. key issues astaffing level, sick leave. replacement nurses are brought in. now we go back to elissa harrington on the strike at the oakland port. >> reporter: behind me you can
6:34 am
see people striking this morning also some of their supporters. there are only 15 people here now. we are expecting to see hundreds. however it appears that their efforts are working. look at all of these truck drivers trying to go in to make their daily hauls. a lot of them have been stopped from doing that. some of them are already going home. others saying that they will wait until around noon and see what happens. now, employees with the service employees international union are upset over contract negotiations. they have been working without a contract for 16 months and talks are dragging. the union says the port wants to cut wages and benefits to more than 200 workers and that includes janitors and maintenance workers. they also say that port executives have been illegally withholding important information related to bargaining. their goal is to shut down the port and force port executives to go back to the bargaining
6:35 am
table. it appears they are disrupting operations. truck drivers getting ready to go home. >> we're going home. none of us can make a living today. this is how we make our living by pulling our freight out of here and delivering it to the customers. we make no money today. it was the acme people before. now we're going home. >> reporter: the 24-hour strike launched last night at the airport and this comes on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year because because of the thanksgiving holiday and comes amid scrutiny at the port. port director omar benjamin resigned following allegations he improperly spent public money including more than $4,000 at a houston strip club. what's happening now, this strike got started at 6 a.m. here at the port. when we first got here there were a lot of people. but at this point, it seems to be dwindling. however, you can see that they have been shuttling more and more people in. they are hoping to shut down the port. at this point a lot of truck drivers say they are planning ongoing home some of them
6:36 am
planning to wait it out until around noon. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. signs of a breakthrough in efforts to scale down the conflict between israel and palestinians in the gaza strip. we have live pictures from gaza city. egyptian president mohamed morsi says israel's aggression against gaza will end today. there have been negotiations in the last 24 hours. [ explosion ] >> meanwhile a man identified as the most elusive top military commander of hamas is urging the group's fighters to keep up attacks on israel. president obama has dispatched secretary of state hillary clinton to the middle east to meet leaders including israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. >> our bottom line is peace has to include an end to rocket fire that threatens israel. >> secretary of state hillary
6:37 am
clinton left from cambodia where she and the president attended an east asian summit. earlier today a palestinian rocket hit near jerusalem one of clinton's planned stops. the rocket landed harmlessly in an open area. it's one of the longest rocket strikes fired from gaza some 50 miles. four california men are charged with plotting to kill americans and join al qaeda. they were busted by the fbi down in los angeles. the suspects range in age from 21 to 34. federal investigators say one man even served in the u.s. military. all four face 15 years in prison. 6:37. caltrain shut down in both directions this morning. >> i was just saying do we go to traffic or weather? i think we are heading to liz. it's a crazy day at sfo, too. >> yeah. it's been a busy morning in our traffic department, as well. right now our biggest story these major caltrain delays. we have just learned that the first vta bus just arrived a couple of minutes ago to pick up passengers. again, if you are just waking
6:38 am
up major delays both directions in caltrain. someone was struck and killed on the tracks northbound train 103 near charleston avenue in palo alto. right now trains are stopped in both directions. they are working to set up a bus bridge between san antonio and palo alto stations. they are picking up passengers at the san antonio stop. they are working to reopen at least the southbound tracks so we'll continue to watch that. in the meantime, westbound highway 4 port chicago highway an accident there just cleared to the right-hand shoulder. still pretty stacked up though from at least bailey. and then we're seeing our usual commuter traffic through antioch so we have brake lights through antioch all the way towards concord this morning. and a quick look at the bay bridge where the metering lights are on now. we also have a high wind advisory in effect so things are really stacking up towards the 880 overcrossing. and it looks a little drizzly out there, lawrence. >> a little sprinkle showing up around the bay area. in fact, we have just tweaked our doppler radar down a little bit so we can send the beam a little lower. there's a lot of low-level moisture moving onshore. you can see it outside right
6:39 am
now on our high-def doppler radar. as we continue to see some scattered light showers showing up mainly in the north bay, look at that, you can see some of that over the central bay and along the peninsula too. so out the door grab the umbrella. you're going to need t most of the rain in the north bay a third inch in the santa rosa area a third inch in the mountaintops and we haven't gotten to the cold front until later in the day. the cold front hung up in far northern california going to take its time getting here. once it done, rain picks up later on. very cloudy goody wet shot as we have precipitation over the bay and you can see some of that on the lens. temperatures mild because we are in the warm sector of the storm system. 59 degrees in san francisco. 55 in san jose. and 57 degrees in santa rosa. when will redry out? will redry out for the holiday? we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. >> we are just getting a report, the southbound caltrain has begun again. so southbound caltrain is
6:40 am
moving along. it is 6:40 now. the probe into a deadly explosion that heavily damaged an indianapolis neighborhood is now a homicide investigation. police announced last night that they have ruled out accidental causes but still haven't determined what caused that blast. the blast killed two people though early this month destroying five homes and damaged more than 80 others. there are questions about what kind of pipe chevron would use to repair its damaged refinery in richmond. chevron wants to use a pipe made of an alloy called "9 chrome." officials say that already failed at another refinery recently. they want chevron to install stainless steel pipes. 6:40. coming up, what are the best gadgets to buy on black friday? cnet editor-at-large brian cooley joins us with the inside school. >> plus forget a sleigh and reindeer. the unusual entrance that didn't go as planned for one mall santa. >> and the market opened just 10 minutes ago on this semi holiday week. let's take a quick check at the early numbers and right now, they are down.
6:41 am
we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. coming up.
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6:44 am
himself in a tight spot. a british army soldier in a sa suit dangled from the ceilig for about 30 minutes... aftr getting hi it wasn't a chimney but a mall santa in england found himself in a tight spot. a british army soldier in a santa suit dangling from the ceiling for a good 30 minutes or so after getting his beard caught in the rope. he was rapelling on it. he had been hired to come down through a mall skylight during an annual christmas show. he could have taken the beard off but that would have blown his cover. eventually a filo soldier rescued him. black friday is three days
6:45 am
away and people are already camping out at stores. before you think about braving the crowds, cnet editor-at- large brian cooley is here with tips to survive the madness. go online, right? >> that's it, i'm done, thanks. see you in next week. [ laughter ] >> the there are a lot of deals online. it's easier than camping in front of stores. there are websites and mobile apps that do nothing but get the early word an black friday and cybermonday deals so that's one way to get early drop on these so you're not manually scouring the web saying i want to check on the favorite stores. we have a link to take you there. we used to shop on cyber monday. we would go to work monday after thanksgiving and use the boss' computer. we all have connected phones and computers now and tablets. we have no lack of ways to get connected so i think cyber monday is just hype. you will find great loss
6:46 am
leaders no doubt about it but you will also see that we are really in black q4 to be honest not just black friday or cyber monday. the best way to save, don't buy things you don't want just because the surprise great. this goes with shopping online. >> i'm so guilty of that. >> such a great price i know i'll use it later. maybe not. this is not the last big deal opportunity of the season. bear that in mind. we have a couple of quick samples i want to show from you cnet's favorite online black friday tech products coming up. we have a toshiba tv 40" hd flat panel good name brand 180 bucks. >> that's a good deal. >> crazy deal. that's like giving it away. that's going to be at best buy. a door buster. they will have a few. the motorola droid max one of my favorite smartphones in the world free with activation during a promo period at verizon. so you will find these kind of door busters but quantities will be limited as they say. >> sometimes the stores put ten in the store and that's it. >> another great tip if you go buy something on an online site and it's released at a certain
6:47 am
time preregister at the site with your name, address, credit card number and all of that because quantities are so limited that just in the time it takes to you put it in your cart and information it could sell out. so preload those sites. you have already got your registration so click, buy, go. >> what's the hottest tech gadget you think that will go? >> absolutely tablets because as we talked about a few weeks ago there are so many now and the thing is the new tablets have come down in price so they are affordable. that makes them hot as well as being great tech. >> now is a good time to buy. >> tablets for sure. >> thank you. remember, you can find brian cooley's segments on for more tips on how to save on black friday just head to our website, >> click, buy, go. >> there you go. hewlett-packard was apparently hoodwinked when it threw down big bucks for a british company. here with that and more is jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. hp was heavily criticized last
6:48 am
year when it spent $10 billion on uk software firm economy. now hp says they cooked the books to the tune of $5 billion over inflating the value of the company. in its earnings report this morning hp revealing that it's going to take an $8.8 billion charge from the purchase leading to a $6.8 billion loss in the latest quarter on top of an $8.9 billion loss in the quarter before that. investors very frustrated with this news. hp shares are diving right now down about 14% at a 10-year low. hp requesting criminal visions into the moves by the company here in the u.s. and in the uk. yahoo making news all things digital reporting it [ indiscernible ] a number of companies interested in buying the deal would reportedly be worth around $25 million. has 24 million monthly users which would add more content to yahoo tv.
6:49 am
that's something that the ceo really focusing on beefing up, yahoo's content. market off its best day since september 6. dow up over 200 yesterday. rising on hopes to avoid the "fiscal cliff." market going the other way today because of hp. hp shares down 13%. frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and time now for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> charlie rose joins us from new york with more on the big show. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, frank and michelle. we have dramatic video from the chp firing up a new debate over tasers. tape of a woman being shocked. critics say it's more dangerous than believed. we are behind the signs at the butterball turkey talk line where they have questions like, i carve my turkey with a chainsaw, how will the oil affect my taste? [ laughter ] >> that and more at 7:00.
6:50 am
>> charlie, have you ever tried that? >> i rest my case. no. >> nothing like a little 30 weight oil on the bird for a little bit of flavor. >> thank you, charlie. >> that's the kind of questions they get. >> i'm sure. >> have a great show, charlie. see you at 7: 00. some major caltrain delays this morning. >> let's go straight to elizabeth who is watching over that. >> yeah. it's aing about problem if you typically ride caltrain. we can tell you that they just reopened the southbound tracks going 10 miles an hour. major delays both directions. northbound is still shut down from san antonio to the palo alto station. early this morning about 5:30 or so there was a fatality on the tracks. a bus bridge is set up. the first bus has already arrived to pick up passengers. southbound open, northbound still closed but even though the southbound traffic is open they are running very, very slowly. >> to the roads, you can expect
6:51 am
extra heavy traffic on 101 possibly people aboard caltrain so heads up flying out of sfo using caltrain to get there. bad backups as well on westbound 4 from antioch towards concord because of an earlier crash approaching port chicago highway. that's traffic. here's lawrence with the drizzly forecast. >> it's wet around the bay area out the door. we have a lot of low-level moisture so we have taken the doppler beam and had to tweak it downward so you can see a little bit of that outside right now. we are seeing another line along the peninsula. we are seeing some of that in oakland. most of that moisture has been concentrated in the north bay where some spots have a third of an inch of rain of the precipitation now, some heavy drizzle into oakland right now. also along the coastline into daly city. some of that moisture moving onshore. the main cold front isn't even here yet. that's not going to get here until this afternoon. so we are seeing very moist atmosphere outside right now looking toward russian hill and
6:52 am
golden gate lost in the distance in the clouds and seeing that heavy drizzle. so the roads slick, damp outside this morning. showers picking up in the afternoon and rain as we head throughout the night as the cold front finally moves onshore. it is still hung up in northern california. that will be dropping in later on. you will need the umbrella today. looks like the computer models picking up on the moisture sliding through but the cold front to the north working its way to the south and then throughout the nighttime hours, that will be picking up. so yeah, it looks like a wet night indeed for the bay area. traveling, well, sfo got delays of almost 3 hours. can you believe that? around the country though, temperatures not too bad. the weather not bad either. just partly cloudy conditions. temperatures from the 40s to the 70s as you make wear into chicago. all right. around the bay area temperatures mainly in the 60s outside next couple of days we are going to see those temperatures warming up a little bit dry on thanksgiving. maybe even some 70s as we head toward friday and saturday.
6:53 am
that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. "mythbusters" co-host adam savage wants his bag back. on twitter he says the bag was stolen from his car in downtown san francisco on saturday. he says the bag doesn't contain anything valuable, but it was made by artist tom sacks and it has sentimental value to savage. it is 6:53. port workers are on strike. we have a live report on the dispute when we come back. so stay right there. pittsburg woke up to a big sinkhole... and no water ,,,,,,
6:54 am
what appears on the surface to be an understated example of unequaled american achievement, is actually an extremely sophisticated apparatus of goodness and flavor, bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love.
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6:56 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. and no water service for upo 15 homes. a pipe burst around midnight... this morning, some people in pittsburg woke up to this, a big sinkhole and no water service for up to 15 homes. a pipe burst around midnight
6:57 am
opening up a hole about two feet deep. public works had to vacuum the water out. now they are replacing the 6" pipe that broke and they hope to have water restored for everyone within the next few hours. and in redwood city a water main break has shut down an intersection there. crews are working near brewster avenue and warren street. the leak has been capped but some people will be without water tap water, for hours. and another water main break about four blocks away on standish street. we have a photographer on the way to check that out. a 24-hour strike has shut down business today at the port of oakland. and cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us hundreds of workers holding picket signs this morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me you will see that that number seems to be smaller. that's because they have expanded their picket lines to cover all harbor gates. so basically, all of these workers and their supporters are spread out. they are upset about unfair labor practices and say the
6:58 am
port executives have not been bargaining in good faith. the service employees international union is holding a 24-hour strike here at the port and also at oakland international airport. while flight service is not disrupted, operations at the port are. truck drivers can't get through the gates. many of them are lined up waiting and say that pretty soon, they will go home. union workers and their supporters don't want their wages or benefits cut. they are also angry that port executives have allegedly been spending money on entertainment, also at strip clubs. yet they won't give the workers the deal they deserve. there's of course picket lines here at the port also at the airport. that's going to be a rally at 9 a.m. at the port, another rally at noon over at oakland international airport. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. and let's check in with elizabeth. >> several different incidents from water main breaks to now major caltrain delays and we got off the phone with the folks there. they are saying one-hour
6:59 am
delays. that's what that means. they are single tracking it now. the southbound track is reopened after a fatal accident involving a pedestrian on the tracks. this was near the palo alto station. a northbound bus bridge is set up. and a quick note, southbound 280 by woodside road overturn crash. >> showers around the bay area, delays at sfo, almost three hours. just some very low-level moisture outside but enough to produce some rain so yeah, watch out for that. temperatures only in the 60s. the main event coming later on tonight. hopefully clearing out for the holiday. >> thank you. thanks for watching "eyewitness news this morning." remember, your next local update is at 7:25. >> charlie rose and the crew are coming up. have a great tuesday. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday,ov


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